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Directors of the Bank

Directors of the Bank

The current Board of Habib African Bank Limited is comprised of  experienced professionals of highest integrity as follows:

Zain Habib - Chairman

The second son of Mr. Habib Mohamed D Habib, he started his banking career at Union Bank of Switzerland in 1990. He joined Habibsons Bank in 1993 and became an Executive Director in 2000. His painstaking contributions in the setting up of Habib African Bank during the founding years can not be ignored. An experienced banker, an artist and a great cartoonist, he published his first book ANSADAFONE, narrating through his drawings the dominant role  the domestic telephone plays in our daily lives.


Ahmed H. Habib - Non Executive Director

The eldest son of Mr. Habib Mohamed D Habib, he joined Habibsons Bank in 1989 after a number of years at Union Bank in Switzerland. An acclaimed investment banker, in 1994 he became Executive Director and subsequently Managing Director, the position he held until  Habibsons Bank’s association with Habib Allied International Bank in 2011.


Vazir A. Bukhari - Non Executive Director

Mr.Bukhari  who started the Habib African Bank and  held the  position of its first Managing Director  has  a  banking career spread over 5 decades holding senior assignments in both pre and post nationalized Habib Bank Limited. His international banking career spans over 32 years and included  posting in countries like the UK, UAE, Kenya, Tanzania and Yemen. His contributions in the setting up  and creating a solid base of the bank for future growth during its infancy  is commendable.


Manzar A. Kazmi - Non Executive Director

Mr. Kazmi whose banking career  crossed four decades was the second Managing Director of Habib African Bank. He  took great strides in the  establishment and  onward  growth of the bank. His international banking exposure in senior positions extends to UAE and Tanzania.


Hon. Athumani S. Janguo

A former Member of Parliament (1995-2010) and Member  of Pan African Parliament (2004-2010), Hon Janguo served as a civil servant for 30 years prior to his joining politics. During his career as a civil servant, he  held senior assignments in various ministries and parastatals  like Commissioner for Public Investments & Treasury Registrar and Deputy Principal Secretary in Ministry of Finance, Principal Secretary  in the Ministry of Water & Energy, Director General  of Board of Internal Trade and  General Manager/Director General of Tanzania Harbours Authority. He sat on the board of about 50 different institutions, prominent among them were Standing Committee on Parastatal Organisation, Bank of Tanzania, East African Development Bank, Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority, Tanzania Railways Corporation, Air Tanzania Corporation, Sugar Development Corporation and Livestock Development Authority.


Mwatumu J. Malale

A retired civil servant, Ms Malale during her 35 years’ service held senior positions in different ministries, prominent among them, as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Women Affairs and Children, Deputy Principle Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, and Assistant Secretary, President’s Office-Houser. She has been associated with different committees, organizations, boards in various capacities, prominent among them as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority , Chancellor, Muslim University of Morogoro, Member of the Board of Directors, Tanzania Ports Authority / Tanzania  Education Authority, Member of the Board of Trustees, National Social Security Fund, Member of the Advisory Board, Vocational and Education Training Authority.


Yahya Ally Mchujuko

A retired Central Banker/Economist holding Post Graduate degree in Agri Economics from Unversity of Reading, UK , Mr. Yahya Ally Mchujuko has vast experience of working with Bank of Tanzania for 34 years, 13 of which at senior levels, like Manager and Director. His major skills are focused in Economics,Human Resources, Financial Matters, Micro Finance,Banking Supervison, Debt Management and General Management of Central Bank branches.


S. S. Hassan Rizvi - Managing Director

A well educated and experienced banker who had been on the board of  three banks prior to joining Habib African Bank in 2008. Starting his career in Habib Bank Limited, he worked for 22 years in both pre and post nationalized era of the bank including 10 years in Kenya in senior positions. His vast experience spanning over 4 decades included international banking exposure of 31 years.






Main Branch

P.O. Box 70086
Dar es Salaam
Indira Gandhi / Zanaki Street
Tel: 255-22-2111107/8/9,

Swift Code: HABLTZTZ

Kariakoo Branch

Uhuru / Living Stone Street
Dar es Salaam
Tel: 255-22-2183056/59/60 Fax: 255-22-2183073

Nkrumah Branch

Nkrumah Street
Dar es Salaam
Plot N. 68/69 Nkrumah
MD Complex (Near Tansoma Hotel)
Tel: 255-22-2182452,
Fax: 255-22-2182473

Fax: 255-22-2183073